Sol Kim Cowell

Sol is a mixed British-Korean transmasc writer based in the UK. His work explores the subjective experiences of life with a particular focus on cultural heritage, mental health, and queerness.


Currently, his work can be found in the following publications and more:


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The Spaces Between Us
Discretionary Love, March 2022
Fire & Brimstone
Roi Fainéant Press [Mile 13], April 2022
Moss Puppy Magazine [Issue 2], May 2022
Autodecomposition of a Human Soul
Corporeal, June 2022
I Am Not Your Doll
EVOKE [Issue 2], June 2022
en*gendered, June 2022
Last Request
Brave Voices Magazine, June 2022
The Gamut Mag [Issue 2], July 2022
How To Bathe A Rat
Bullshit Lit [Print Anthology], August 2022
See Me In A Stranger
The Bitchin' Kitsch [Volume 13, Issue 4], October 2022
Remembrance In Three Parts
Unstamatic, November 2022


But He'll Always Come Back
Ethel Zine [Issue 11] (forthcoming)
Geometry of a Schoolboy
Snowflake Magazine [Anthology] (forthcoming)
Hot Girl Summer
Rat World Magazine [Issue 4] (forthcoming)
Snowflake Magazine [Anthology] (forthcoming)
Pro Patri
Snowflake Magazine [Anthology] (forthcoming)
Sex Scene
Bullshit Lit (forthcoming)
Slow Month
Bullshit Lit (forthcoming)
The Pink Stripe
Stone of Madness Press [Issue 20] (forthcoming)
Words For My Dad
The Martello [Edition IV] (forthcoming)